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The Angel Thief Series

"It really wasn't the right night to have an Angel in his bedroom"

It's been two years since the Great Change and now the whole world knows that heaven is real and angels have been walking the earth for thousands of years.
But just like humans, not all Angels are good.  Some are monsters. 
Follow the detective, reporter and the Angel Thief as they uncover who's behind the gruesome murders and can they survive finding out it's an ancient Angel?
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The Banished Series

What happens when powerful Angels, Immortals and humans join together to fight Demons? Follow their journey through this epic fantasy,  3 book series to find out.  Free Kindle Unlimited.
Paperback and hardcover available now.

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5 star review
"Hamby hooks you in with well-written, believable characters and a storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat at times."

Night at the Gala Series

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Steamy Romance

Can Cass be his fake girlfriend for one night without losing her heart?

A hot and sexy fake girlfriend!

Who could want more?

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"A steamy, excellent read that will warm your toes and a whole lot more"

The intense relationship between Cass and Mattie continues in Book 2.  Their love is strong, their chemistry hot, will their love hold out?

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 paperback available now

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The Chatter


Running from a dark past, Elise is haunted by the voices in her head.  But now she has a fresh start, as a governess for the Moreau family at Howe's End.  She is no longer hungry, and no longer alone.  Everything is perfect.  Or is it?  Murder, love, and demons. Can Elise's mind take it?

 Free Kindle Unlimited.

Now in paperback.                       

"Filled with mystery, murder, demons and love, 'The Chatter' will take you on a roller coaster ride the bravest roller coaster rider would shy away from"


Bright Land



 Drake is hiding a secret from his family to keep his inheritance.
Nick is a lead singer in a band.
Will the two fall in love and still keep the secret?
Free Kindle Unlimited

Love and family are redefined as Tom and Tess navigate a new world of pregnancy and parenthood, with one question on their minds:  Should they be trying?
Free Kindle Unlimited. 
Now in paperback.



Molly and Lane are falling in love and Molly's happy for the first time in her life.

But she isn't a normal person, and her life is far from normal.  Will Lane stay with her if things get bad? Can anyone love somebody like her?

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Now in paperback.



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Wedding bells are ringing for everyone but Audrey.  
Then Mr. Right comes along and her life changes. Things couldn't be any better, and marriage and children aren't far on the horizon.
But then doubt creeps in, and she starts to worry about what she truly wants.
Her fate is in her hands, and love hangs in the balance.  What choice will Audrey make?
Free Kindle Unlimited.
Now in paperback

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